Lowering the Cost of Renewable Hydrogen with the World’s First Electrolyser with a Battery Capacity

Battolyser Systems, a Dutch electrolyser manufacturer, is at the forefront of the energy transition with their groundbreaking innovation: the Battolyser® that unlocks 100% renewable hydrogen. This breakthrough technology offers 100% flexibility, promising the lowest long-term energy costs for renewable hydrogen production.

Located in Schiedam, Netherlands, Battolyser Systems’ story began at the Delft University of Technology. It was here that Professor Fokko Mulder and his research group tackled the billion-dollar question: how to maximise the use of renewable energy sources like solar and wind, which fluctuate throughout the day and seasons. In 2013, they found their answer by inventing a flexible electrolyser based on Thomas Edison’s Iron-Nickel Battery. This invention led to the development of the Battolyser®.

Why is the Battolyser® a Game-Changer?

The Battolyser® stands out due to its unparalleled flexibility, significantly reducing the Levelised Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH) across diverse applications. It operates by producing hydrogen when affordable renewable power is available and halting production when it is not. During periods without renewable power, the stored electricity in the battery can either continue hydrogen production or be returned to the grid, addressing shortages of solar and wind power. This flexibility, combined with the integrated battery capacity, unlocks new revenue streams on the electricity markets.

Ensuring a Resilient Supply Chain

The EU has set ambitious targets for renewable hydrogen consumption and production by 2030. The revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED) mandates that by 2030, 42% of hydrogen used in industry must be renewable, with the transport sector achieving a binding sub-target of 5.5% for renewable fuels. Additionally, the EU aims to produce 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen by 2030 as part of the REPowerEU goals.

To meet these targets, a rapid scale-up is essential, presenting some challenges. The EU must achieve these goals to fulfil the EU Green Deal without becoming overly dependent on third countries. This involves ensuring industrial competitiveness with a resilient supply chain – especially since the required metals and materials may not always be available within Europe. Fortunately, Battolyser Systems’ technology uses globally abundant iron and low-grade nickel, mitigating supply chain risks.

Ready to Scale

Battolyser Systems is taking significant steps toward scaling up its operations. The company is currently constructing its first Megawatt system in the Port of Rotterdam, the hub of the Dutch hydrogen ecosystem. Concurrently, Battolyser Systems is developing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with an annual capacity of up to 1 GW of Battolyser® units. In 2023, the company secured a €40 million venture debt facility from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and received backing from top-tier venture capital investors such as Koolen Industries, Innovation Industries, and Global Cleantech Capital. With a diverse team of over 100 employees from more than 20 countries, Battolyser Systems continues to grow and innovate.

Leading the Charge

Under the leadership of industry experts like CEO Mattijs Slee (formerly of Shell Hydrogen), CCO Age Reijenga (formerly of Vopak), and CTO Hans Jörg Fell (formerly of NEL Hydrogen and HydrogenPro), Battolyser Systems is poised to drive the renewable hydrogen journey forward. Their work not only represents European excellence and technological leadership but also the promise of a resilient future powered by renewable energy.

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