Supplying the future European Hydrogen Backbone Network

Lhyfe, a leading company in renewable hydrogen production across Europe, has unveiled its ambitious plans for an 800-Megawatt electrolysis project in Lubmin. Strategically positioned in proximity to the forthcoming German hydrogen backbone, this groundbreaking initiative is poised to generate up to 330 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per day, with operations targeted to commence by 2029.

Aligned with Lhyfe’s comprehensive strategy, this groundbreaking plant integrates seamlessly into Germany’s core hydrogen pipeline network. Recently, the German government revealed a substantial €20 billion financing plan, emphasizing their commitment to curbing greenhouse emissions and reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels. This investment is intended to establish a comprehensive 9,700-kilometer hydrogen pipeline network across Germany and neighboring nations by 2032.

The choice of Lubmin for Lhyfe’s project perfectly aligns with the company’s backbone strategy and Germany’s support for renewable hydrogen. The site offers several advantages, including proximity to the German hydrogen backbone and access to significant present and future electricity generation from offshore wind farms. Furthermore, an established extra-high voltage grid connection, operated by 50Hertz, will facilitate the required electricity for hydrogen production.

Remarkably, the plant will repurpose a site previously occupied by a decommissioned nuclear power plant, reinforcing its commitment to environmental sustainability. Currently in the development phase, the project aims for operation by 2029, boasting an electrolysis capacity of 800 MW and potential daily green hydrogen production of 330 tons.

“This location is of strategic importance to us,” emphasizes Luc Graré, Head of Central & Eastern Europe at Lhyfe. “We are building these plants not only for our short-term needs, but also for future generations. The introduction of green hydrogen in Europe is a long-term project and Lubmin meets all the requirements to establish itself as a sustainable centre for green hydrogen in the long term. We look forward to the long-term development of this location, to the development of the region’s core hydrogen infrastructure, and to supporting the longstanding decarbonisation of Europe’s industry and transport.”

Lhyfe’s visionary venture in Lubmin signifies a pivotal step towards a sustainable and greener future for Europe’s energy landscape.

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