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Taking renewable hydrogen to the gigawatt scale

Ørsted is making a decisive contribution to Europe's decarbonisation goals and growing the global clean tech markets

Renewable hydrogen’s ‘tipping point’ within reach

Nel is on track to produce hydrogen with electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind for $1.50 per kilogram by 2025

A roadmap for the decarbonisation of island economies

Acciona leads the way with the development of a major renewable hydrogen plant in Mallorca, Spain, which will boost the local economy and decarbonise those sectors that can’t be electrified.

Why closing the carbon loop matters

By combining renewable hydrogen production with the capturing of unavoidable CO2-emissions, a new generation of low-carbon chemicals can be unlocked on the basis of de-fossilized feedstock

H2 Valleys go digital to share data & best practices

Global information sharing platform promotes flagship hydrogen projects to raise awareness among policymakers and help scale up zero-carbon solutions across the energy value chain

Solving the Green Steel Puzzle

How hydrogen from renewable sources powers jobs, private investment and innovation at the world’s largest green steel plant

Decarbonising Ammonia Production in Spain

As one of the world leaders in the energy transition, Iberdrola has recently unveiled the largest renewable hydrogen plant for industrial use in Europe

Major European Ceramics Industry makes Giant Leap

Smartenergy, Enel and Sunfire, three Coalition supporters, have unveiled an ambitious renewable-based hydrogen project to support the decarbonisation of the ceramics industry in Spain.

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