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Competitiveness: Sovereignty Has a Cost, but It Has No Price

The global electrolyser sector is witnessing a rapid transformation, with Europe leading the charge. However, the landscape is shifting, and Europe’s leadership is under serious threat, particularly from China. Without immediate actions, Europe risks losing its leadership in this strategic technology with implications for the whole renewable hydrogen value chain.

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European Elections: Renewable Hydrogen Sector Calls for an Immediate Scale-Up Plan

2024 is set to be the biggest election year in history, with over half of the global population heading to the polls. In Europe, more than 400 million voters will choose a new five-year European Parliament between June 6 and 9. The next political leaders will face a unique opportunity to drive the growth of the nascent European renewable hydrogen industry into a global powerhouse for Europe.

Exclusive chat with Nel CEO and Renewable Hydrogen Coalition Vice-chair, Håkon Volldal

The Renewable Hydrogen Coalition (RHC) recently sat down with his newly elected Vice-Chair Håkon Volldal, President and CEO at Nel Hydrogen.

New Renewable Hydrogen Coalition Leadership Calls Europe to Bring Renewable Hydrogen from Ambition to Tangible Actions

The Renewable Hydrogen Coalition (RHC) has elected Olivia Breese, CEO Power-2-X at the renewable energy company Ørsted, as Chair, and Håkon Volldal, President and CEO of leading electrolyser manufacturer Nel, as Vice-chair.

More financing needed if Europe wants to stay in the game

The Renewable Hydrogen Coalition recently sat down with Ann Mettler, Vice-President, Europe, at Breakthrough Energy to discuss the role of the European Hydrogen Bank.

With clarity on the supply side, we now need ambitious binding demand targets for renewable hydrogen

Threatened by a veto motion this morning, the Delegated Act on “Additionality” is now out of danger in the European Parliament. Much uncertainty remains though on the needed demand targets for renewable hydrogen.

CEOs call for binding ambitious targets for renewable hydrogen

Ahead of the political trilogue on the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) revision this Thursday 15 December, CEOs of frontrunner European companies from across the value chain have been calling on EU policymakers to adopt ambitious binding targets for renewable hydrogen and its derivatives in hard-to-electrify industry and transport.

Blue is not green

A new amendment to the Gas Directive proposed by the Czech Presidency of the Council is jeopardising the integrity and credibility of the EU legislation promoting renewable energy.

Don’t jeopardise the European renewable hydrogen industry

Last September, a vote in the European Parliament cast a shadow over the future of the nascent European renewable hydrogen industry.

Open call to action: Joint industry letter on the urgent need to adopt the delegated act on additionality

Joint industry letter on the urgent need to adopt the delegated act on additionality

Now is the time to accelerate renewable hydrogen to replace fossil fuels

On 31 May, over 300 participants joined top EU policy makers and CEOs from major renewable energy companies, industrial sectors and hydrogen start-ups in Brussels to discuss the transformative power of renewable hydrogen.

Ambitious binding renewable hydrogen targets in priority sectors are key for Europe’s energy security and to become global leader

Following the European Commission’s REPowerEU communication released this Tuesday, the signatories of this letter call on EU policymakers to keep the Renewable Energy Directive for renewable hydrogen only and maintain the ambition proposed by the European Commission for renewable hydrogen and derived e-fuels uptake in priority sectors.

Ambitious binding renewable hydrogen targets in priority sectors are key for Europe to become global leader

Ambitious renewable hydrogen targets will provide the impetus and confidence the market needs to take off. Now, it’s up to Member States and the Parliament to make it happen.

How do we turn an ambitious Fit for 55 package into a success

The Fit for 55 package introduced ambitious renewable hydrogen consumption targets, these need to be supported by dedicated support instruments.

European renewable association leaders call for the Fit-for-55 package to be fit for renewable hydrogen

Heads of European renewable industry associations, Walburga Hemetsberger and Giles Dickson are calling to prioritise renewable hydrogen and support the massive roll-out of renewable electricity generation, and we must do it now

Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson congratulates the Coalition and invites others to team up

The EU Energy Commissioner on the great potential of renewable hydrogen, the European Commission's legislative plans and the strong leadership of the Coalition Supporters

Europe can lead the Renewable Hydrogen revolution but it needs to act now

A word from the Coalition's Impact Director, François Paquet

Heroes in the field

Lowering the Cost of Renewable Hydrogen with the World’s First Electrolyser with a Battery Capacity

Battolyser Systems, a Dutch electrolyser manufacturer, is at the forefront of the energy transition with their groundbreaking innovation: the Battolyser® that unlocks 100% renewable hydrogen.

Sunfire Welcomes European Investment Bank and Signs Term Loan Agreement of Up to €100 Million

On June 7, Sunfire CEO Nils Aldag and EIB Vice-President Nicola Beer symbolically signed the agreement at Sunfire’s headquarter in Dresden.

The first big step to decarbonising shipping is being taken in Northern Sweden

Global shipping accounts for around 3 % of global carbon emissions. This is why the sector has become a focus area for Ørsted as the company expands its presence in Power-to-X across Northern Europe and the US. The first step is Europe’s largest e-methanol project FlagshipONE.

Supplying the future European Hydrogen Backbone Network

Lhyfe, a leading company in renewable hydrogen production across Europe, has unveiled its ambitious plans for an 800-Megawatt electrolysis project in Lubmin, situated in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern along the German coastline

World-first Aluminium Produced with Renewable Hydrogen

June marked a monumental breakthrough in the aluminium sector as Hydro Havrand, a pioneering force in the industry, achieved an unprecedented milestone in Navarra, Northern Spain.

Maersk charts new waters with world’s first green methanol container ship

On September 14, Maersk achieved a historic milestone by launching the world's inaugural vessel powered by green methanol.

Fostering local resilience with renewable hydrogen

In northeastern Spain's province of Teruel, the Catalina project is poised to revolutionise the region and its industry.

Going large-scale to reduce the cost of renewable hydrogen

Electrolyser manufacturer and RHC supporter Green Hydrogen Systems recently achieved a significant milestone as it shipped its first prototype X-series 6MW electrolyser module for on-site installation and testing at Greenlab in Skive, Denmark.

Reducing CO2 emissions by 95%: the green steel revolution

Cleaning up steel is key to tackling climate change: nowadays, it is responsible for more than 7 percent of global CO₂ emissions. By bringing emissions close to zero, H2 Green Steel is enabling sustainable steelmaking – building a better, cleaner future for our planet.

Electrolyser pioneer Sunfire launches serial production

On March 7th, the electrolyser manufacturer Sunfire launched its serial industrial production in the city of Solingen, Germany. Long known around the world for being the ‘city of blades’, Solingen could now become the ‘city of electrolysers'.

The valley where big decarbonisation begins

In northern Portugal, the swiss-based investment and renewables developer company Smartenergy is developing a renewable hydrogen valley project to help the ceramic industry deeply decarbonise.

Unlocking the decarbonisation of ammonia

Ammonia feeds more than half of the world’s population as fertiliser. Yet of the 185 million tons of ammonia produced annually, 72% depends on natural gas and 26% depends on coal.

Decarbonising shipping globally with e-methanol

The global offshore wind and renewables leader Ørsted is at the forefront of this race for cleaner fuels by partnering with several other first-movers in the market.

Breaking new grounds with world’s first offshore renewable hydrogen production

About a hundred people gathered in the late-September sun to watch a new, first-of-its-kind electrolyser, paving the way for mass offshore renewable hydrogen production.

Industry in Spain to benefit from renewable hydrogen as world-leading facility completes construction

Renewable hydrogen's role in decarbonising hard-to-electrify industrial processes in Europe took a major step forward recently, as global clean energy leader Iberdrola completed the construction of an innovative new project for fertilizer producer Fertiberia in the south of Spain, paving the way to sustainable food.

World’s first fully automated electrolyser facility opens

On 21 April Nel officially opened the world’s first fully automated electrolyser manufacturing facility. The facility, which is located at Herøya in Norway, was inaugurated by the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Terje Lien Aasland.

Shaping Europe’s leadership in renewable hydrogen technologies

In recent months, electrolyser manufacturer Sunfire has been busy staying one step ahead of one of the most promising clean tech markets of the decade by diversifying its core technologies.

Unlocking the new era for large-scale renewable hydrogen production

Renewable hydrogen is a must for Europe to reach its climate neutrality goals and Siemens Gamesa is paving the way for its large-scale deployment across Europe. A groundbreaking pilot project will unleash the potential of wind energy to produce competitive renewable hydrogen for hard-to-electrify sectors.

A port-anchored renewable hydrogen economy

An international consortium of more than 20 companies including BayWa r.e., Redexis, Kopala International and Resilient Group have launched a major port-anchored effort to decarbonise the heavy-duty mobility as well as industrial emissions in the greater Barcelona region and beyond with renewable hydrogen.

A full-system solution for local generation, storage and usage of renewable hydrogen

Solhub, an innovative system solution for local production, storage and use of renewable hydrogen from solar energy, local municipalities, companies and industrial companies can benefit from a sustainable mobility and energy solution at their doorstep

Taking renewable hydrogen to the gigawatt scale

Ørsted is making a decisive contribution to Europe's decarbonisation goals and growing the global clean tech markets

Renewable hydrogen’s ‘tipping point’ within reach

Nel is on track to produce hydrogen with electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind for $1.50 per kilogram by 2025

A roadmap for the decarbonisation of island economies

Acciona leads the way with the development of a major renewable hydrogen plant in Mallorca, Spain, which will boost the local economy and decarbonise those sectors that can’t be electrified.

Why closing the carbon loop matters

By combining renewable hydrogen production with the capturing of unavoidable CO2-emissions, a new generation of low-carbon chemicals can be unlocked on the basis of de-fossilized feedstock

H2 Valleys go digital to share data & best practices

Global information sharing platform promotes flagship hydrogen projects to raise awareness among policymakers and help scale up zero-carbon solutions across the energy value chain

Solving the Green Steel Puzzle

How hydrogen from renewable sources powers jobs, private investment and innovation at the world’s largest green steel plant

Decarbonising Ammonia Production in Spain

As one of the world leaders in the energy transition, Iberdrola has recently unveiled the largest renewable hydrogen plant for industrial use in Europe

Major European Ceramics Industry makes Giant Leap

Smartenergy, Enel and Sunfire, three Coalition supporters, have unveiled an ambitious renewable-based hydrogen project to support the decarbonisation of the ceramics industry in Spain.

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